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Advertise Me is a digital solutions hardware and software company focusing on all aspects of Digital Signage, Digital Wayfinding, Social Wall, Video Wall, Mobile Applications, DOOH Advertising, and Custom Interactive Web Solutions based in Sydney, Australia.
We are a friendly team of professionals who are passionate about digital technology and innovation. We spend a lot of time educating businesses on the opportunities and possibilities of the latest and greatest in digital technology including Digital Signage, Digital Wayfinding, Online Advertising, Social Media, Smartphones applications and Touchscreen/Interactive kiosks.

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Digital Signage Solutions

We believe Digital Signage is more than just displaying content on a screen. It’s about advertising and communicating with your audience but doing it in an engaging and interactive way. At Advertise Me we use the latest technologies and digital trends to show businesses the possibilities of Digital Signage and how it can achieve your business goals.

Digital Wayfinding

Use our Digital Wayfinding System to help visitors find their way around your building. Our solution uses the latest web technologies to simulate a GPS type navigation through your building. It uses dictated walkable paths and a smart algorithm to work out the most direct and appropriate route.

Video Walls/Projections

Looking to make a statement? Use a video wall or projector to create a wow factor and cover a wall or door. Our software allows you to manage the content on your large display with various different templates.

Social Wall

Create a digital wall by grabbing posts and tweets from the most popular social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest) and displaying them all on one social wall. Display your Social Wall on your website, digital screen or at your next event.

Mobile Applications

With the extensive experience we have gathered over the years, we’ve developed mobile apps using the latest technologies for iPhone, iPad, Android and Smartwatches. Our speciality is integrating smartphone applications with existing digital systems.

Digital Out Of Home Advertising

Are you looking to create revenue from your Digital Signage Network? Or are you looking to place an ad on an existing network? Use our contact form to find out more.

Squeak – Online Advertising Platform

Squeak is our new digital advertising platform. It allows businesses to advertise their sales, offers or products to consumers in an interactive and social way. We believe it’s going to be the new way to shop! Look out for this space!

and So Much More

We spend a lot of time doing custom interactive digital solutions for our clients. If it’s digital then we can do it for you. Take a look at some of the other projects we have worked on or contact us to start the discussion.


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Curtin 3


In this age of mass information and communication, being able to influence a customers purchasing decision is fundamental to business success. Crucial decisions may depend on the information and visual images you present to your customers. Knowing how to effectively and visually communicate information to your customers is essential for...

Advertise Me Digital Signage Solutions Advertise Me TV


Are you looking to establish an advertising network by using digital signage to promote businesses of all sizes – small, medium, or large? Do you want to establish an affiliated advertising network to link advertisers with each other? We can help by using our digital signage platform called AdvertiseMe.TV. Our...

Advertise Me - Digital Signage Ingham Institute Welcome Boards Posters


Digital Signage plays an important role in any corporate environment. For a corporate entity, their main aim is to inform, entertain and engage their employees, visitors and customers with information about their company through the use of digital signage technology. The Benefits Digital Signage simply works! It has been proven...



Digital signage is the method of displaying multimedia content on a display unit such as a LED commercial screen, video wall, a projector or an interactive touch screen to deliver informative and entertaining content to captive audiences and passers-by. Digital signage has replaced the traditional marketing approaches, but it will...

Advertise Me Digital Signage Players


What do we use for our digital signage players? In no particular order, let's have a look at some of the digital signage players we have personally used and installed for our clients: Shuttle PCs We have used a few these in the past and haven't had any issues thus...

Advertise Me - Digital Signage In Wall Box with cover with no cover


There are many different types of digital signage setups and over the years we've realised there isn't a one size fits all approach when installing a digital signage solution. Here are two digital signage setups using in-wall boxes:   With this setup, we installed an in-wall box behind the digital...

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