Advertise Me Digital Wayfinding Campbelltown Hospital Foyer

Digital Wayfinding

Helping businesses find their way

Use our Digital Wayfinding System to help customers, shoppers or visitors find their way around your building, centre or complex. Our solution uses the latest web technologies to simulate a GPS type navigation through your centre. It uses dictated walkable paths and a smart algorithm to work out the most direct and appropriate route, this also means that the system can automatically work out a detour should a lift be down or if a walkway is under renovation.

In addition, the solution is completely customised; from the look and feel to the functionality. This means you can incorporate your brand as well as specific functions that are relevant to your business or environment. For example, display the latest bus/train timetable or allow customers to complete a survey. The possibilities are endless.

Where you can use it

Advertise Me Digital Wayfinding Hospital


Help visitors and patrons quickly and easily find their destination. Users will be able to search for Wards, Departments, Clinics or Specialists

Advertise Me Digital Wayfinding Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres

Let shoppers find the store they are looking for across multiple levels or buildings. Sales and offers can also be obtained straight from the kiosk

Advertise Me Digital Wayfinding Shopping Universities


Universities can be large with buildings and faculties spread across the entire campus. Help students and visitor navigate using a Digital Wayfinding Solution


Dictated Walkable Paths

The routing is based on dictated walkable paths and uses an algorithm based on shortest distance from current location to destination point. If a path is no longer accessible our software will automatically reroute with only a few clicks. Our software can perform routing inside buildings, outside buildings as well as between buildings or we can route within any given space

Smart Routing Algorithm

Software was built using the latest web technologies and uses a similar framework which is used by Navigational Based GPS Systems, Google Maps, etc

Multiple Search Options

Create any search functions based on your requirements, for example search by store name, department, location ID etc.

Quick Highlighting Buttons

Ability to add Highlight Buttons that highlight specific landmarks on the current map

Custom Branding

You can completely customise the look and feel by providing your own css styling. Everything from font, colours or background can be customised

Multiple Languages

All the instructional text can be translated into multiple languages and will remain translated in the selected language for the duration of that session





Office Buildings




Tourist Attractions


Add-on Modules

News & Communication

Create a page specifically for news and communication, users will be able to read the latest posts right from the screen

Bus & Train Timetable

Provide Bus and Train timetable for users of public transport, it will provide another use for your kiosks


Want customer feedback via a survey? Users can provide feedback for a service or product straight from the kiosk

Custom Built Modules

Do you have a specific need for your kiosk for more than just Digital Wayfinding? We can build a custom standalone module or a module to integrate with an existing system

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