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Digital Signage

A digital signage solution that is simple to use and effective

We believe Digital Signage is more than just about displaying content on a screen. It’s about advertising and communicating with your audience but doing it in an engaging and interactive way. At Advertise Me we use the latest technologies and digital trends to show businesses the possibilities of Digital Signage and how it can achieve your business goals and so much more.

Digital Signage Features

Create simple templates or choose from our pre-defined templates

Our software allows you to create a simple template, alternatively, you can choose from one of our already created digital signage templates. If you have something specific in mind then please get in touch with us and we can create a custom template

Cloud-Based or Localised

A cloud-based solution means fewer hardware requirements and fewer administrative headaches. You can manage the content remotely with the content locally cached should internet access be down temporarily

Simply Drag and Drop files

If you need to update images on your slides you can do so by simply dragging and dropping the images to a folder. The system will automatically update your slides with the latest files

Schedule Content and Group Screens

You can schedule digital signage content for a particular day or even during a particular time of the day. In addition, group screens together so you can manage content in groups based on location or purpose

We make Digital Signage Interactive

Would you like users to be able to interact with your business? Use a Touch Screen to allow users to interact with your Digital Signage, users will be able to scroll through your content, in addition, it’s a great way to obtain information whether it’s a survey or competition

Ongoing Digital Signage Support

That’s right! After we’ve implemented the project for you, we don’t just leave you. We provide on-going support so if you have a question or need help then simply give us a call or shoot us an email

Custom Digital Signage Modules

We design and develop digital signage modules tailored to your business needs. Some examples include:

Where you can use digital signage

Advertise Me Digital Signage Shop Front

Shop Front

Advertise Me Digital Signage Foyers


Advertise Me Digital Signage Events


Advertise Me Digital Signage Food Court

Food Court

Advertise Me Digital Signage Walkways


Advertise Me Digital Signage Retail


we believe the key is


Social Media

Embed a social media feed to showcase your social presence. You can use our Social Wall product to combine multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to display on your digital signage displays


Embed a social media feed to showcase your social presence. You can use our Social Wall product to combine multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram to display on your digital signage displays

Custom Modules

Adding custom modules to your digital signage solution can greatly enhance its functionality and effectiveness. With modules such as ePosters, Digital Wayfinding, Social Wall, Bed Management, Car Park, Staff Roster, Survey, News and Events, you can tailor your signage to meet the specific needs of your organisation or business. For instance, ePosters can be used to display educational or promotional material in a dynamic and engaging way, while Digital Wayfinding can help visitors and customers navigate your premises with ease. Social Wall can be used to showcase your social media content, while Bed Management can help healthcare facilities manage patient flow and occupancy in real time. Car Park and Staff Roster modules can be used to keep track of parking availability and employee schedules, respectively. Surveys can be used to collect valuable feedback from visitors and customers, while News and Events can be used to keep them informed of the latest happenings in your organisation. By adding these custom modules to your digital signage solution, you can create a more comprehensive and useful tool that can help you achieve your business objectives more effectively.

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