Digital Signage Interactive Solution – UNSW Events board

Custom web app to display room bookings

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Custom Web App Integration


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Liverpool Hospital, Sydney – New South Wales Australia

Advertise Me Digital Signage UNSW Events Board

Custom Interactive Events Board

Advertise Me was recently tasked with creating a custom web touchscreen solution for the University of NSW (South Western Sydney Clinical School Medicine) that could seamlessly integrate with their existing EMS software (Event Management System). As always, we were up to the challenge and provided a highly interactive and customizable solution that met all of their needs. Our team was able to create an innovative display that showcased all of the events from the EMS system in a visually appealing and easily accessible way. The end result was a highly effective and user-friendly solution that exceeded all expectations. As part of the solution, a 55-inch touchscreen was provided to enable interactivity. At the top of the page, there are various tabs that students or staff members can use to filter events by category. Additionally, users can select a future date to view booked rooms and events.


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