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ePosters Interactive Digital Poster Solutions

Creating interactive digital experiences

Need a way to showcase your digital posters? Use our ePosters cloud based solution to revolutionise the way you display digital posters. Using our custom build solution we can help you display interactive posters for your next event.

ePosters are used by universities, hospitals and businesses to display dynamic and interactive content. No longer will you need to print out posters.

Our solution combines the latest hardware and software frameworks to ensure your posters stand outs. Since it’s our custom software and was built from the ground up, we can make further customisations to meet your requirements and needs.

You can either hire or purchase the complete the solution from us.

Where you can use it

Interactive Digital Signage ePosters Cancer Institute NSW Innovations Conference 2019 2


Display delegates scientific posters at exhibition and conferences

Advertise Me ePosters Interactive Digital Posters St Vincents 2019 Research Week 1 Copy


Display scientific research posters and event information where it matters most

Advertise Me ePosters Interactive Digital Posters University


Showcase and promote students scientific posters at the University

Our Solution


Our hardware solution consists of:

  • 55″ Commercial Grade touchscreens
  • Portable stands that are positioned at different heights
  • Players to drive the digital poster content


The ePosters software solution was custom built by us – meaning we can further customise the solution based on your requirements. Some of the features in the ePoster solution are:

  • Display sponsorship logos, company logos and banners
  • Interact with the poster by using the zooming feature and move the poster with your fingers
  • Attach a video or hi-resolution image to each poster
  • Search functionality based on author, title or description
  • Allow guest and visitors to rate each poster and generate a report
  • Online dashboard to manage the posters and stands

Professional Service

We’ve been in this industry for over a decade and have built the experience needed to service any type of business. We can help your business stand out from the competition. Whether it’s for an event or for your corporate foyer, we’ve done it all. Our services include:

  • Project Management
  • Onsite Hardware and Software Installation including delivery
  • Content Design
  • Full management of the solution including support and monitoring
  • Software and Hardware Customisations

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