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Social Wall

Display your social media posts on a digital media wall

Create a digital wall by grabbing posts and tweets from the most popular social media platforms and displaying them all on one Social Wall.

Where you can use it

Advertise Me Social Wall Digital Screens

Digital Screens

Display your Social Wall on a large digital screen at your store front or in your foyer. Show visitors your social presence

Advertise Me Social Wall Websites


You can embed your social wall on your website or marketing page, it’s perfect way to have all your social feeds displayed, but also great if you are running a #hashtag campaign

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Running an Event? Why not have a Social Wall to engage people to not only follow your social feeds but to contribute!


Display Feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube

Display Feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube

Combine Multiple Accounts

Combine feeds from multiple accounts

#Hashtag Filtering

Display posts based on one or more #hashtags

Live Moderation

Moderate the posts that get displayed on your wall

Custom Branding

You can completely customise the look and feel by providing your own css styling. Everything from font, colours or background can be customised

Custom Posts

Insert custom posts on your wall, this can be used for Sponsored Posts, Advertising, or Communication



Try our Social Wall for free for 14-days. no credit card required

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