We recently installed two 4×1 Video Walls for University of NSW Medicine & Health South West Sydney Precinct for a new building and they look amazing. You can read about these two projects here in our portfolio: Video Wall Digital Directory Digital Wayfinding – UNSW Medicine & Health South West Sydney Precinct 4×1 Video Wall and Video Wall & Social Wall – UNSW Medicine & Health South West Sydney Precinct 4×1 Video Wall

Digital signage is an increasingly popular tool in marketing and advertising, and a video wall is a perfect way to get your message across. A digital signage video wall is a large-screen video display that is typically installed in public spaces such as airports, sports arenas, or retail locations. They are separate digital screens connected together to make it look like it’s one big screen. There are specific digital signage screens that are designed specifically for video walls that have very narrow bezels. These video walls can be used to display promotional content, news, sports, weather, business communications and other information to the general public or to staff. Video walls are also used mainly in reception areas or waiting areas where you want to give a wow factor to your visitors. The goal of most digital signage solutions is to attract a customer’s attention and get them to look at the sign for a long enough time to read the content displayed on the screens.
A video wall consists of multiple small screens (typically between 4 and 32), connected to a digital signage player running video display signage software, which is used to play back digital content. To setup a 4×1 video wall (1 row with 4 screens) you can read this article here: HOW TO SET UP A 4×1 VIDEO WALL

One of the video walls used our Social Wall to display social media content from Instagram. This meant the content on the video wall would always be fresh displaying the latest Instagram posts.

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