Are you looking to establish an advertising network by using digital signage to promote businesses of all sizes – small, medium, or large? Do you want to establish an affiliated advertising network to link advertisers with each other? We can help by using our digital signage platform called AdvertiseMe.TV. Our digital signage solution will be able to create a network of digital signage screens that will promote your content and the advertisers content so that you can increase the exposure of your communication and advertising channels to the greatest number of customers and visitors. For an advertiser, participation in the advertising network will enable your business to enhance your brand recognition, increase awareness of your products and services and ultimately increase sales.

We can help you build a network of digital signage screens, driven by our custom-built intelligent digital signage software, which displays advertisements and content all day. The digital signage screens can be installed locally at your premises or even be distributed as widely across the country as possible. For example, you can install the digital signage screens in your head office in Sydney and if you have remote offices across the state, you can then install additional digital screens at those locations and push and manage the content across the network of screens. This is great for corporate business, shop fronts, shopping centres, venues with waiting facilities, and even outdoor locations.

Advertise Me - Digital Signage Curtin Student GuildTHE BENEFITS

We enable your business to personalise communications with your customers and visitors, ensuring that your messages reach the right audience.

For small (or home) businesses that do not have the luxury of a shop-front, you are able to promote your business brand at various locations around your local or remote business premises and reach your customers at any location under your control.

For large corporate organisations, you are able to create awareness of any new products released by your organisation to targeted audiences or departments.

Our flexible technology platform allows you to update your content or design at any time as your identity changes, or in response to changing customer demands or market conditions. This change can be easily distributed across your entire advertising network by simply uploading the new digital assets.

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Adding your advertisement or content to the digital signage advertising network by using our digital signage software is simple.

  1. Create your ad (we can help too!) and upload it to our digital signage platform
    Advertise Me Digital Signage Advertising Network Advertise Me TV Digital Signage Software
  2. Set your preferences
    Advertise Me Digital Signage Advertising Network Advertise Me TV Digital Signage Software Slideshow
  3. Deploy your advertisement or communication message to the digital signage advertising network
    Advertise Me Digital Signage Advertising Network Advertise Me TV Digital Signage Software Displays

Advertise Me will work with you to optimise your advertising potential and ensure you take advantage of all the benefits of your ever-growing advertising network.

Need help with building a digital signage advertising network?

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