Advertise Me Projector Sliding Door Project

The University of New South Wales (South Western Sydney Clinical School – Faculty of Medicine) knows how to think outside the square and use their front sliding door to grab attention. Advertise Me was involved with the installation of a unique Projector Solution for a Glass Sliding Door at the front of their main entrance in Liverpool Hospital.

The requirements

  • Create the WOW factor
  • Create additional marketing opportunities
  • Project images, video, text on a sliding glass door to communicate important information to students and staff
  • Turn off the projector when the door opens and turn on the projector when the door fully closes.
  • Complement static signage with the projector solution

The solution

Our solution was like no other. We had to cleverly design a solution to not only project content on a glass sliding door but also stop content from being displayed when the door opens. The glass sliding door opens based on a swipe access and a sensor system. The most challenging part of this solution was to figure out how to turn off the projector when someone swiped their access card to open the door and turn the projector back on when the door fully closed.

Our team investigated several options and came up with a unique and creative solution which used the following components:

  • an Epson short throw projector mounted on the ceiling and connecting to the IT network for management purposes
  • a special projector film stuck on the glass door
  • a digital signage player connecting to the Epson projector via HDMI
  • a Control Box attached to an input sensor to detect when the door open and closed
  • specialised digital signage software (PADS) to display and manage the content

When we put all these components together this is what we came up with, watch the video:


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