Another great exhibition event to end the 2012 year

The Idea

Very similar to the previous exhibition (Tourism Malaysia Expo – Backpackers 2012), we were engaged to create a Digital Marketing experience for a Food Festival.

  • Create a slick and engaging design to provide the WOW factor and draw attention
  • Showcase Malaysia using video and imagery with a key focus on Malaysian Food. It will also be used as a talking point for staff to visitors
  • Use mobile technology to interact and engage. This includes the use of SMS and QR barcode scanning for visitors to obtain information
  • Integrate Social Media with the solution to promote their presence in this space

The Solution

We traveled interstate and provided an end to end solution and content that showcased and enhanced their visitors experience. The solution featured a 47″ LCD screens on a feet stands that blended with the Tourism Malaysia Food Festival theme . Here’s a few pictures:

Have a look at our design template and content that was used to catch every visitors attention- this also included playing audio in the background:

Did you notice the QR code? Our solution allowed visitors to use their smartphone to scan a QR code which directed the visitors phone to the Wira Game. How cool is that! Not only that, we were able to track how many people actually scanned the QR code for reporting purposes.

Also, for this event we used our very own custom SMS solution called SMSme which allowed customers who did not have a smartphone to send the word ‘wira’ to a mobile number and they then received a SMS with a link to the Game. This meant the visitor would still have the information on their phones after they walked away from the event and play the game at home on the computer or even share this link with their friends.


We also had the opportunity to catch up and meet with Poh from Master Chef.

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