We revamped our AdvertiseMe.TV website and gave it a fresh new look. This is our digital signage software solution being used by small businesses to corporate organisations. It is a cloud-based solution meaning it will work on any browser-based device such as an LG digital screen with webOS, Android players, Windows 11 players, Chromebits, Chromebooks, Samsung digital screens and even Macs.

The new website will feature helpful how-to guides, case studies, FAQs, and basically showcase our digital signage software features. Our solution is very different from most digital signage software packages as our main focus is to build functioning modules to cater for your business requirements. We can customise our digital signage module to meet different requirements to ensure your business operations and workflows remain the same.


Our digital signage software can help any business sell and market its products through engaging content and display them where it matters most – right in front of your audience. Whether it be a retail store looking to boost sales, a university communicating important information to its students and staff, a restaurant wanting to promote various menus, hospital communicating important information to visitors and staff, or even a medical practice wanting to display which doctors are in. Our digital signage software can assist in communicating anything!


Our digital signage software can be run on your own computers and our cloud-based server will take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Our solutions are perfect for businesses of all sizes and can be deployed in a single location or across multiple locations, giving you the flexibility you need. Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy, we have you covered there as well with our easy-to-use interface that anyone can master and we’re also available to help you out whenever you need it!

If you are in the market for a new digital signage software or looking at switching to a different digital signage software solution then make sure to check us out as we can definitely help!

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