If you’re tracking donations and fundraising money using spreadsheets then you’re in luck. We’ve built a cloud-based digital solution system to do this for you using our custom-built solution – Donation and Fundraising Management System. It’s currently being used at the Nepean Hospital and will be expanded to other hospitals and verticals.

The modern hospital is a complex entity, with a wide range of responsibilities. One of the most important, but often overlooked, is fundraising. Hospitals rely on donations to maintain their operations and fund vital research and equipment. An effective donation management system is essential to ensure that these donations are used efficiently and effectively. Hospitals are under constant pressure to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. One way they are able to do this is by streamlining their donation and fundraising management process. A good donation management system can help a hospital keep track of donors, donations, and where the donations are being used. This information can be used to make sure that donations are going to the areas of the hospital that need them the most.

Advertise Me Custom Web Application Nepean Hospital Donation Management Donation Report

Some of the features of our Donation Management System include:

  • Tracking donations amounts using a simple form
  • Submissions through the backend or frontend through a series of forms
  • Simple to understand dashboard to display yearly and running totals
  • User management – ability to create cashier and manager accounts with specific access to the system
  • Reporting – generate pdf and xls reporting information
  • Letter notifications – thank you email can be sent via the donor’s email address or it can be printed and sent as a hard copy along with an invoice
  • Customisable – we understand your requirements and create specific workflows to suit your business and hospital processes

Organisations that manage large volumes of donations can also benefit from using our cloud-based software to track donations and donor information. Our solution provides a central location for storing donor data, which can only be accessed by authorised staff members from any location. Our donation and fundraising cloud-based software can also help organisations keep track of how the donation money is being used, and provide donors with transparency into how their contributions are making a difference. Tracking donations using cloud software can help these organisations manage their finances more effectively, and ensure that donors’ money is being used in the most impactful way possible.

By combining with our digital signage solution, we will be able to integrate our two solutions and display the donation amounts (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) or even the cumulative total amounts on a digital screen to further engage with the staff, visitors, and patients in the hospital. Here’s an example of a digital message board:

Advertise Me Digital Signage Donation

As the use of technology in our society continues to grow, so too does the way donations are collected. One popular method of collecting donations is through interactive digital signage donation kiosks. These kiosks are designed to accept donations via credit card or debit card, and they can provide donors with a receipt for their donation. Interactive digital signage donation kiosks are a great way to collect donations because they are easy to use and they provide donors with a quick and easy way to donate. Plus, these kiosks can be used in a variety of locations, such as schools, community centers, and churches. If you’re looking for an efficient and effective way to collect donations, interactive digital signage donation kiosks are the way to go.

We can additionally develop a custom digital kiosk like the Donation Kiosk shown in the below example, which will let us let people and patients tap their cards and make donations to the hospital. We can even integrate it with our digital wayfinding solution if required.

Advertise Me Donation Kiosk

These kiosks are typically located in high-traffic areas of the hospital, such as the main lobby or near the cafeteria. Donation kiosks are equipped with commercial grade digital signage hardware that will last for years. The signage is usually interactive, making it easy for donors to select the type of donation they would like to make. Hospitals are finding that donation kiosks are a convenient and easy way to accept donations and the digital signage is also helpful in educating potential donors about the importance of giving donations and where the money is being spent.

Need a donation management system?

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