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SMS technology is not new. Everyone, (OK not everyone) knows how to send a message via their mobile phones to another party. What is a new concept is the ability to integrate SMS technology with digital signage. By this we mean enhancing the user experience by giving the audience the opportunity to interact with a digital screen to retrieve more information or to trigger an event. Interesting right?

Advertise Me has build a custom solution called SMSme that allows viewers to send a predefined SMS message to a mobile number. Once the message has been received by our server, it will send an automatic reply and trigger an event such as changing the content on the screen they are viewing.

SMSme the new way to interact
Our SMSme dashboard

This solution is useful in the Real Estate industry where potential buyers want to obtain more information about a property or even want to book a time with an agent or simply change the property content by sending an SMS message.

SMS Real Estate Example


SMS technology should be used as an overall communications strategy with Digital Signage. As an example, we all have seen the popular television show American Idol where they ask the different viewers and audience across the country to text their vote for their favourite pop star using their mobile phones. The same concept can be used with digital signage. You can setup your screen so your audience can participate in polls and display statistical information in real time. It is not just a very effective tool for the purpose of voting, but it is also a terrific way to measure the overall ROI and get the audience feedback instantly.

wentworthavesmswentworthavesmsHere’s a few ideas on how to use this SMS technology with Digital Signage:

  • Branding – surveys related to the product and the service brands. You can also use it to send additional information to the viewer about a specific product
  • Polling – give your audience a poll to participate and enhance the user experience
  • Auctions – silent auctions for various products and services and display results on the screens in real time
  • Juke Boxes – your customers don’t need to walk anywhere, they can simply sit at their table and change the songs
  • Coupons – send relevant and targeted coupons to those that want it

Digital Signage SMS Juke Box

SMSme was born to bridge the communication gap between the content on a digital signage screen and the viewer. Use it now for your next marketing strategy.

QEII SMS template
QEII SMS template

Need to integrate SMS with your digital signage solution?

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