What better way to communicate, inform but more importantly bring a bit of happiness to patients by adding information, pictures and some fun by using Digital Signage.

Using the latest digital signage technology, Advertise Me provided the Cancer Therapy Centre (CTC) with a digital signage system that was reliable and easy to use.  In addition, communication updates could be either scheduled or appeared instantly. The primary reason for this system was to provide updates to patients on things such as which staff are currently on shift, whether there was a delay in the equipment queue, information on treatment and illness management, educate patients on procedures and policies and a way they could simply just broadcast a message to the waiting patients.


We integrated the Digital Signage system with our own customised content management system, which was a dedicated local website that allowed staff from the Cancer Therapy Centre to quickly update content through a browser (just type and click). This information was displayed instantly on the Digital Signage screens. This was made possible by creating smart templates with pages that possessed dynamic content controlled by a Database and managed through the online content management system.


Another main criteria were to display all this information in a way where patients were engaged with the content and we achieved this by implementing an inviting design using vibrant and lively colours.




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