Before the era of digital signage there was the traditional medium of communication. That involved a huge black and white television and a huge computer. These giant machines not only use to acquire a lot of space, they were also very costly for the average business to purchase.

Using digital signage has now become a common place in daily life. It offers an alternative platform from the smart phones, tablets or any other “touch” devices to help customers interact with digital content. It enables easy display of text or image over the Internet or on television. Digital signage is widely used to promote products and services as they can support animated videos that make their products and services much more noticeable to customers. Also digital signage content such as videos, images, text can be easily and frequently updated. This also saves the additional cost that is associated to update the advertisement with static devices like posters and light boxes.  Also it enables the customer to browse different categories whilst in a store or in a public area. Digital signs are rapidly gaining its popularity in every moment of our daily life. We use digital signs for various reasons without even thinking. Over the past years LCD, LED use to be very costly and high end technologies to common people. But in recent days LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images are found in both public and private places. Increased demand has made it possible to build a 100- screen video wall in different public places. LCD and now LED based digital signs has become very common in market segments. For example, digital menu boards are seen in different hotels and restaurants around the cities instead of those static backlit boxes. In these dynamic video walls a variety of mouth-watering items for the breakfast, lunch, dinner are being promoted with eye-catching images throughout the day. Not only limited to this also one can find giant screens displaying arrival and departure time of flights, trains in airports and stations. You will see these digital signs in shopping malls, retail outlets, corporate buildings and many other places and the majority will display images, videos and many other interesting topics.

Advertise Me Digital Signage TouchscreenAn important fact for Digital Signage Technology

Digital Signage systems have become available in touchscreen technologies. Touchscreens enable users to connect with the display and find additional information with just a touch . Touchscreens support Flash or dynamic content based files. These files contain defined hot-zones and as soon as a hot zone is touched by a user, a new content, such as a video or an animation file or an image, is instantly displayed on the screen. This advanced technology has made access to videos, images or any other information so easy. Customers can now get real time access to any information (product catelogues, latest news, videos) with the touch of one finger.

Now it’s time to promote your ads with attractive videos and images with the help of digital signage. It has become a very popular medium of communication among businesses and consumers. Animated ads are much more attractive than traditional ads. If your company may already has all the digital assets why not talk to Advertise Me to see how we can help you distribute these assets to digital signage touchscreens, tablets or even mobile smartphones.

Digital Signage Touchscreen - Samsung
Digital Signage Touchscreen – Samsung

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